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Ask the Expert: How Do I Keep My Deck in Tip-Top Shape?

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Photo by Log Home Care Online Company
As any homeowner will tell you, a sprawling wooden deck is the perfect place to relax outside, take in the beautiful scenery and gather under the stars. But keeping a deck as gorgeous as the views does require a degree of care and maintenance. The horizontal surface makes it vulnerable to the relentless extremities of the elements; depending on the environment, some decks carry snow loads for months, are subjected to brutal heat, or are pounded with rain. Armed with the right knowledge, however, your deck can remain in tip-top shape so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Know Your Options

When choosing a deck stain, you have three primary choices. Oil-based finishes provide a deep penetration but can contain high volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are bad for you and the environment. They also fade and have a short lifespan, which translates to yearly re-application. Water-based finishes, such as acrylics, have difficulty penetrating the wood and will peel if not applied correctly. Re-application often requires sanding, a time-consuming process.
There is a third option. The chemists at Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. made a breakthrough with an ingredient that combines the features of oil- and water-based finishes. Using this penetrating, water-borne product we created Deck Defense, a one-coat deck finish that brings gorgeous luster, protection, and longevity to your deck.
Ultimately, when it comes to finishes, you want a product that will maximize your satisfaction. Prioritizing the following features will help you make the choice that’s right for you, letting you enjoy your deck for as long as possible.

Before and after Deck Defense

Powerful Protection

The whole point of applying a finish is to protect your deck so it will last and continue to perform and remain attractive. Deck Defense provides deep penetration into the wood, strengthening and supporting the wood fibers, then forms a hardened surface. (Don’t worry, it’s not slippery!) It includes ingredients that deter water intrusion even long after the initial surface wax has worn away.

Weather-Resistant Fortress

Cabin decks are often located in regions where there are many freeze-thaw cycles across the seasons and even day-to-day. The repetition of these temperature and moisture extremities wreaks havoc on traditional finishes. Deck Defense, however, is what we call “freeze-thaw” stable through these numerous cycles. It also contains UV inhibitors that protect against fading.
Photo by Log Home Care Online Company

Easy Application

In some cases, applying a finish to a deck can be a hassle. Oil finishes are an appealing option because there is no sanding involved, but then you must take care to dispose of the product carefully. Meanwhile, water-based finishes demand extra, labor-intensive preparations.
However, Deck Defense, even if you’re applying it over an older, oil-based product, only requires that you provide a thorough cleaning with Wood ReNew™, another one of our affordable, easy-to-use, environmentally-friendly products. Even better, Deck Defense is designed as a one-coat stain. Deck Defense also dries fast ... really fast. In ideal conditions (60 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% humidity), it’s dry to the touch in about 20 minutes. You can walk on it in 4-6 hours and place heavy furniture on it in 24 hours. Note: If you are applying Deck Defense over a previous water-based stain that has a film, that tired, peeling stain will need to be removed before cleaning with Wood ReNew and applying Deck Defense.

Enduring Beauty

In between applications, oil-based finishes fade and water-based finishes peel. Deck Defense is different. Its trans-oxide pigments make the color and stain appear more vibrant, giving depth to the color and enhancing longevity. Think of it as comparing glass to diamonds.
You did not build a deck to spend your time maintaining it and worrying about it. Deck Defense lets you take advantage of your deck’s intended purpose: enjoying it!

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Sponsored by Perma-Chink Systems, Inc.

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