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Reader Spotlight: Log-Home Love at First Sight

Written by Griffin Suber
Twenty-five miles from downtown Buffalo, where the air is crisp and clear and the crowded city is nothing more than distant pinpoints of light, the Bacchettis found the country log home they longed for. Here’s their story:
Dale Bacchetti: One day, I was out snowmobiling with my brother, and on the way home I spied this log house for sale. It looked like it needed a ton of work; but I called my wife, Kathleen, and we looked at it that night. As we pulled into the driveway, before we even went inside, Kathleen turned to me and said, “I want this place.”
The previous owner let the bank take it over, so it needed a lot of TLC. I did much of the work myself, the rest of it I farmed out to the pros. We remodeled the kitchen, including installing new cherry cabinets. We also got a brand-new boiler system, and we just installed a new wood-burning stove about a month ago.
The house sits on nearly three acres of property. There’s an apple orchard, as well as some ornamental trees scattered across the grounds.  To take advantage of our site, Kathleen and I cut several hiking trails across the acreage – I can even get my snowmobile through there if I wanted to. It’s been a fair amount of work, but it’s also been a labor of love.

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