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Log Home Landscaping

A guide to designing the perfect landscape for your log home.

Log Home Landscaping

Landscaping around your log home is just as important as decorating the interior of the house. Not only can a well-designed and maintained landscape increase the resale value of your home. It also helps control sunlight, deflects wind, keeps slopes from eroding, adds beauty, creates additional living space and protects your privacy.

Where to Begin?

Imagine what you want your landscaping to look like, and think about how it will serve your family?s needs.

  • Browse through books and magazines on landscaping.
  • Drive around your region, observing landscapes and visiting model log homes.
  • Determine your area's hardiness zone and the sun and shade limitations of your lot before selecting any plants.
  • Consider any special needs you might have, such as storage, a playground for the kids, firebreaks for wildfire threats or plants that can survive water shortages.
  • Decide how much or how little maintenance you wish to do.
  • Evaluate the trees and shrubs already in place and determine which to keep.
  • Set your budget.
  • Map out your plan.


Proper Position

Once you know your landscaping goals, you?re ready to make it happen. And remember, it?s not just what you plant, but where and how you plant.

  • Position plants with energy efficiency in mind. Proper positioning can block too much wind and sun, or open up areas where more sunlight is needed.
  • Keep planting beds generous and very gradual, so that walking or mowing at planting edges is one continuous gradual flow.
  • To prevent mildew and moisture-related problems, allow maximum amounts of sunlight and air movement around your log home.
  • Place shrubs to minimize water splashing off the shrubs and onto the logs.


Before you stack the logs for your new home, envision the landscape that will surround it. Whether it involves lavish new plantings or editing a natural wooded setting, creating the proper backdrop for your dream home increases its value and enhances its beauty.

Margaret A. Haapoja is a freelance writer based in Bovey, Minnesota.

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