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Designing a Beautiful Log Home Dining Space

A log home dining space won’t necessarily improve your cooking, but it will make meals more satisfying. It’s as if wood whets appetites. So, log homes need a special spot for dining.

Thanks to open layouts, many log homes lack separate dining rooms, preferring space near the kitchen or living room — or both — with a table able to seat a crowd.

log home dining space

Rustic styling.

That, to many folks, typifies log homes conveys a ranch-house mood. Think the Ponderosa, with the Cartwright clan chowing down after a hard day of riding the range. But update that image; rustic has an elegant side, too, which savvy decorators can make stand out. Here, upholstered twig chairs harmonize with a rough but roomy table, set atop sawhorses. Come and get it!

log home dining space with antler chandelier

Embrace the Space.

High ceilings open rooms vertically, so you’re welcome to emphasize the height by installing tall windows and big log columns to define your dining space. Designed right, it feels cozier than its square footage implies.

dining room interior

Lighten the mood.

The informality of log homes negates the need for fancy furniture but does dictate it be topped off with a prominent lighting fixture. Style — plain or fancy — doesn’t matter. What does is that you design your dining area to take into account that whatever hanging lighting you choose, it should be centered over the dining table. That means planning where it will hang from. Beams are popular spots, but they aren’t movable, and because of the symmetry principle, neither is the table, which also must conform to the scale of its space.

log home dining space with view The view from this dining room would make any meal more appetizing.

Drink in the View

Nothing stimulates the appetite more than a breathtaking view from a space designed to make the most of it. Big log posts and beams embolden the area to match the outside surroundings. A humble dining table and chairs suffice.

rustic log home dining room A less-than formal log home dining space.

Dining Rooms Don't Have to be Formal.

The informality of log homes means making do with whatever space satisfies your needs. This simple setting, for instance, enjoys a view and coziness.

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