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HVAC Options in a Log Home

When it comes to heating and cooling a log home, see why a small duct system can be the preferred option.

Rustic Log Cabin

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When building a house, you want to consider every little detail in order to create an energy-efficient structure. Certain conditions and personal preferences should decide what type of HVAC product you choose to install. This includes the quality of your windows and how to work with your site, such as taking existing trees and available sunlight into account. 
There are several options when it comes to powering HVAC systems; each has its pros and cons. Find the best HVAC system for your home by exploring:
  • Different types of HVAC options
  • When is the best time to plan HVAC when building a home
  • How to reserve space
  • If it's possible to retrofit older homes
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This article is sponsored by: The Unico System.
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