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Best Little House | Honorable Mention | 10th Annual Floorplan Design Contest

Discover "The Best Little House" by Alpine Log Homes, winner of honorable mention for log homes under 2,500 square feet in Log Home Living's Design Contest.

Floorplan Design Contest Honorable Mention:
"Best Little House" | Less Than 2,500 Square Feet
10th Annual Floorplan Design Contest | Log Home Living

"Best Little House" | Alpine Log Homes

Judges' Commentary:

Kyle: This home’s extraordinary simplicity caught my eye. The well-organized kitchen’s location at the center of the home, linking the bedrooms to the living room, works well. The extensive deck areas really push the idea of exterior spaces bearing equal value to those inside the home.

Square Footage: 1,167
Best Little House | Alpine Log Homes
The Floorplan (click for a larger version of the image):
Main level:

Alpine Log Home Plan

Upper level:

Alpine Log Home Plan

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