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10th Annual Floor Plan Design Contest | Log Home Living

Start planning your home with these innovative log home plans, winners in Log Home Living's 10th Annual Floor Plan Design Contest.

Log Home Living's 10th Annual Floorplan Design Contest

Pity the poor souls who judged our 10th Annual Floorplan Design Contest: They had the arduous task of sifting through dozens of amazing floorplans, trying to crown a select few as this year’s winners. But all their hard work just means that your job is much, much easier:

All you have to do is click through these floorplan listings and let these innovative designs provide a spark of inspiration to light the fire of your log-home dream.

For your convenience, we have separate categories for log homes more than 2,500 square feet and for those homes less than 2,500 square feet. Enjoy!

Less Than 2,500 Square Feet More Than 2,500 Square Feet

Floorplan Design Contest

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