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Why We Love This Environmentally-Friendly Log Home Stain

When shopping for log home stain, most buyers are looking for two things: They want it to go on easily and evenly, and they want it to last. Nature One by Structures Wood Care give buyers both of these attributes and so much more.

Photos: Courtesy Structures Wood Care

This durable, translucent stain uses 100-percent, industrial-grade acrylic resins. No fillers or other cost-cutting measures are taken in its production. These resins are already UV resistant, but UV inhibitors are added for a double-shot of sun protection. A water repellent guards exterior logs against their other natural enemy: water.
As for durability, the flexible-but-tough-as-nails skin that Nature One provides allows logs to breathe, shrink and settle as it enhances the grain of the wood. “It also won’t ‘amber out,’ as we say in the industry,” according to corporate sales and marketing director Scott Rosner, referring to the darkening of some stains over time and exposure to the elements.
Nature One is environmentally friendly (low-VOC compliant, having just a faint odor similar to latex paint), dries quickly and cleans up with soap and water. It’s available in six stock colors or can be custom-tinted to the exact shade you’re looking for. Plus, if you have a mountain-rustic or mixed media home, you can use it on manmade materials, like Hardie Board, as well as your logs, so colors will blend … naturally.
Learn more about Nature One stain at structureswoodcare.com.

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