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A Creative Half-Log Hybrid Home in Wisconsin

This half-log hybrid in Wisconsin packs a lot of home into a small square footage.

Home and Photos Courtesy of Tomahawk Log & Country Homes
Log home providers love it when customers arrive having already done their homework – but most don’t expect them to show up with building plans in hand. The owner of this Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin, home, who has a background in construction and engineering, was more excited than most to get to work on his retirement home. He even did his own electrical work.
From the beginning it was clear to the folks at Tomahawk Log & Country Homes, the producer selected by the owner to provide his logs, that this was not going to be a cookie cutter project. “Not everybody puts the care and cost into their home that these homeowners did; there was no cutting corners for these guys,” sales and design coordinator Troy Gullo explains. “This was a no holds barred approach.”
As it was, the land had enough room to roam, but the basement, which would become the guest quarters, required major excavation. With 1,700 square feet available (above grade) the owners didn’t want guests to feel like they were staying in a dungeon, so the window wells were expanded to let in more light and lined with rocks from a nearby Wisconsin quarry. In the rocks they installed plants which would navigate the crevices as they grew, something anyone who has spent time in a basement bedroom can appreciate.
The three-bedroom two-bathroom home is clad in Tomahawk’s rustic pine cut exterior, with bevels cut into the top and bottom of each log, until the 7-foot mark. Above that is a real cedar shake. The homeowners opted for stone instead of the standard cedar skirt board. “Tomahawk’s homes are always half log,” explains Troy. “We lean towards creative designs because as a half-log home it’s easy to blow that disguise.”
Like dogs, homes often reflect their owners. With two fireplaces, a bumped-out master bath and care carved into every detail, this home reflects owners who put the right amount of work into retiring in style.

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