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Cowboy Decor: Ideas for Homes on the Range

Decorating your log home, Western style.

Log Home Living | by: Clare Martin

Being a cowboy isn't always easy—anyone who's listened to a few especially mournful country songs could tell you that much. But decorating like one? Well, that's a different story. In fact, as my picks this month prove, lassoing up some cowboy style is as easy as parting with a few measly bucks—no bull-riding skills required. So what are you waiting for? Giddy up!

Back in the Saddle
While saddle stirrups may be purely functional in a cowboy's world, their U shape gives them a nice decorative edge, too. Crow's Nest Trading capitalizes on this graceful figure in the form oversized Stirrup Shelves, which will perfectly frame a collection of tiny tchotchkes. But just because they've made the move to home decor doesn't mean these sturdy stirrups have gone girly—formed from rustic wood, they're still just as down-to-earth (read: cowboy-friendly) as the originals. $29 each. Call 800-900-8558, or visit crowsnesttrading.com.
Stirrup Shelf

Cowgirl Cheers
What's that they say about cowgirls getting the blues? If the gutsy gals pictured on these dish towels from Uncommon Goods are any indication, I'm inclined to think that's just a myth. The towels, made of the durable cotton once used for flour sacks, are emblazoned vintage images of cowgirls, accompanied by quotes (from “Does this saddle make me look fat?” to “May the horse be with you”) sassy enough to do these ladies proud. $36 for set of four. Call 888-365-0056, or visit uncommongoods.com
Cowgirl Flour Sack Towels

Preferred Brands
Just because you're not stamping your herd with a hot iron doesn't mean you can't mark your territory. This metal trivet from The Cowboy Store is embossed with a dozen or so classic cattle brands, the cryptic shapes of which just might inspire you to create a personalized logo for your own family over supper. Just be careful where you're wielding that branding iron! $18.50. Visit cowboy-store.com.
Branded Trivet

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