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You can keep your log home's wood in like-new condition without needing expensive log replacements. Get some advice for your keeping your log home in good shape with these log home staining options.

Trends For Staining With Style
Stains and sealants can transform the look and feel of your home. Get the inside scoop on the hottest color trends — plus, tips for mixing and matching stain shades straight from the pros.
Stain Guide for Log Homes
The Magnificent 7: Stain Guide
The finish you select for your logs or timbers matters. Use this overview to navigate your options.
Benefits of Using a High-Quality Finish on a Log Home
How to Choose a Stain for Your Log Home
Plus, a helpful guide to the many popular shades of stain.
Why We Love This Environmentally-Friendly Log Home Stain
When shopping for log home stain, most buyers are looking for two things: They want it to go on easily and evenly, and they want it to last. Nature One by Structures Wood Care give buyers both of these attributes and so much more.
Log Home Stain Removal: What You Need to Know
A good stain overhaul starts with having no stain at all. Here’s what you need to know about stripping your log walls.
What is Acrylic Stain?
Considering your log home’s stain options? Scott Roesner gives us the inside scoop on water-based acrylics.
Re-staining the Logs: What Should You Use?
Re-staining the Logs: What Should You Use?
If your logs are beginning to look faded and worn, it's time for you to re-stain your home. Check out these tips to finding the p…
Why You Need to Seal Your Log Ends
Logs soak up moisture and can cause rot. Learn about the sealing process and more.
The Tip You Need to Know for Telling When It's Time to Re-Stain
This easy water bottle trick will tell you when it's time to re-stain your entire log home.
Is Your Log Home Deck Safe?
Ready to soak in the sunshine? Spring is a perfect time to get out and enjoy your deck—just make sure it's ready for you.
Maintaining and Fixing Wood Floors
Need help fixing wood floors in your log home? With a little know-how, you can silence faulty floorboards, repair minor damage an…
What to Expect in a Log Home Restoration
A log home restoration can be a lot of work, but fear not! From water damage to carpenter bees, here’s how to take care of — and …
The Benefits of Basic Log Home Maintenance
An industry pro shares how smart siting and a basic log home maintenance schedule enabled his exterior stain to last for 20 years.
How to Protect Your Log Home's Wood
Wood is strong and durable, but it isn’t invincible. Because wood is a natural material, it is subject to natural forces. Here's …
Budget-Cutting Tips for Staining Log Homes
Save thousands by staining the interior logs of your home yourself. Here's everything you need to know for smooth, successful res…
Log Home Stain 10
Trying to choose a log home stain? Follow these quick tips to showcase your style and find the best stain for your log cabin.
Time-Tested Ways to Seal and Protect Your Log Home
Five options to keep your log home looking–and functioning–its best.

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