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Plan Your Log Home

Planning a log home or log cabin involves more than just the floor plan; here you'll find expert advice on everything you need to get started, including budgeting, buying land, geographic regions, choosing logs, and more.

Designing the Perfect Log Home
The design of your home is dependent on how you want it to function. Learn how to customize your home’s design to your lifestyle.
Site Considerations and Buying Land: What You Need to Know
You've probably played around with the floor plan of your dream home, doodling on napkins and scrap paper. But before you set y...
Four Freaky but True Horror Stories
Four Freaky But True Construction Horror Stories
These tales of terror from log home builders and clients will make you cringe.
The Ins and Outs of Insurance for Log Homes
Learn what type of insurance you'll need to cover your log home from construction to completion.
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Step-By-Step Guide to Log Home Construction
A complete guide to everything you need to know when building a log home.
How To Build a Log Home Fast
8 suggestions from building professionals to help you build your home in less than six months while saving money.
27 Floor Plan Tweaks for Your Log Home
With a few simple tweaks, you can design a log home that's as practical as it is beautiful.
exterior--Katahdin's Addison Log Home
Difficult Log Home Sites: Building on Tricky Lots
It's not always easy to construct a home on a mountaintop, waterfront or other scenic location. But if you plan carefully and t...
How To Estimate Log Home Construction Costs
How to estimate costs on your log home construction project.
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The Search for Land
A Virginia couple forges a path to the perfect site—in North Carolina.
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Establish a Budget for Your Log Home | Expert Budgeting Tips
Know the necessary numbers, and you'll be on your way to the home of your dreams.
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Tips on Visiting Model Homes
Discover what model log homes and their owners have to offer.
How To Read Log Home Floor Plans and Blueprints
What do you make of the drawings, elevations and blueprints that will eventually become your dream log home? Here's how to unde...
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A Soft Landing
The right piece of property is a key to your dream home.
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Introduction to the History of Timber Framing
Learn how the centuries-old craft of timber framing has come of age.
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Bear-wise Site Selection and Landscaping
How to keep bears in their own homes and out of yours.
Finish Strong
Selecting the interior finishes for your home is about more than covering a surface. It's about crafting a home that's an expression of you and the life you love.
How Donna Peak Spends Her Thanksgiving
Log Home Living editor-in-chief Donna Peak reminisces about her Thanksgiving traditions with friends and family and wishes you all a happy holiday season.

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