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Plan Your Log Home

Planning a log home or log cabin involves more than just the floor plan; here you'll find expert advice on everything you need to get started, including budgeting, buying land, geographic regions, choosing logs, and more.

Exterior Motives
An overview of design options that will determine the exterior look of your log home.
How To Navigate the Bidding Process
How To Navigate the Bidding Process
With a little careful planning and organization, you can get your home built right, and at a price you can afford.
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Enchanted Land: Ruidoso, New Mexico
Consistently voted as one of the best places to vacation, live and retire, Ruidoso, New Mexico, has much to offer those who dre...
Updating a Log Home Bathroom
Add fun and function to your log home bathroom—without taking a bath on your bottom line.
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Tips for Cutting Heating Costs
Tame high energy bills by following simple advice from the experts.
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10 Secrets of Small House Design
Expert tips for squeezing living space into the smallest designs.
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Property Shopping: Finding Your Piece of the Rock
What to look for while shopping for property for your log home—and what you should know before you sign on the dotted line.
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Hiring a Log Home Architect
Learn how to get the most out of your architect or designer, and find out what questions you should ask them.
An Inside Look at Small Home Design
Award-winning log home designer Murray Arnott reveals the secrets of designing smaller homes.
Hot Water Heaters: 4 Options to Lower Your Heating Bills
Four options for warming your log home's water supply.
Smart Money: Getting a Loan
3 tips to avoid the confusion that can go along with getting a loan for your log home.
Dollars and Sense: How to Determine a Fair Price
Dollars and Sense: How to Determine a Fair Price
In a perfect world, every new log home would have a price tag dangling from its front window. But it's far from a perfect world.
Log Home Pre-Construction: Buying Land, Budgeting & Scheduling
The urge to jump in and start building your log home is almost irresistible. But don't let impatience make you overlook this im...
log home living magazine
Log Home Engineering and Design Criteria
What you need to know about engineering specifications and building codes for your log home.
Designing the Perfect Log Home
The design of your home is dependent on how you want it to function. Learn how to customize your home’s design to your lifestyle.
Site Considerations and Buying Land: What You Need to Know
You've probably played around with the floor plan of your dream home, doodling on napkins and scrap paper. But before you set y...
Four Freaky but True Horror Stories
Four Freaky But True Construction Horror Stories
These tales of terror from log home builders and clients will make you cringe.
The Ins and Outs of Insurance for Log Homes
Learn what type of insurance you'll need to cover your log home from construction to completion.

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