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Plan Your Log Home

Planning a log home or log cabin involves more than just the floor plan; here you'll find expert advice on everything you need to get started, including budgeting, buying land, geographic regions, choosing logs, and more.

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Building Advice: Creating a Budget-Friendly Construction Schedule
Six tips for creating a budget-friendly, reality-based construction schedule with your general contractor or builder.
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How To: Make Your Home Green | Eco-Friendly & Green Building Tips
Want to know more about green building? Here we introduce you to what's actually behind the ubiquitous label.
The Well-Designed Log Home Floor Plan
Finalizing your log home's floor plan is a balancing act. Here's how to tip the scales in your favor.
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Working with a Log Home Designer
Four keys to developing a successful relationship with your log home designer.
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Sunny Side of the Mountain | Building in Charlottesville, Virginia
In the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, Albemarle County, home to Charlottesville, is one perfect little world.
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Building Energy Efficient Log Homes
Here are some other ways owners can make all the right moves when designing and building energy efficient log homes.
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Baby, It's Cold Outside | Snow Country Design Tips
30 brilliant solutions for log homes in snow country.
The Year of the House | From Dream Home to Reality
18 strategies to realize your dream home in the next 12 months.
How To Choose a Truss System
From elementary to elaborate, choose a truss system for your home that both mirrors your taste and serves as a functional maste...
log home living magazine
Home Run: The Phases of Log Home Construction
From your home's foundation to understanding construction lingo, here are the basics for making the project of your life come t...
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Building a Rustic Log Cabin or Camp
Forget everything you thought you knew about camps and cabins. The simple, rustic retreats of old aren't so simple anymore.
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Living in Asheville, NC
Everyone's talking about this North Carolina hamlet. But despite all the attention, the way of life in Asheville is down to earth.
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Heartland Stew
Between the corn and soybean fields of southeastern Iowa beats the heart of small-town America with some big-city spice.
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Living in Lanesboro, MN
Part recreational getaway, part small town, this Minnesota gem is one of the Midwest's best finds.
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Building a Log Home in Trinidad, Colorado
There's no better place to fulfill your lifelong dream of building a log home than on the vast expanses of terra firma up for g...
20 Best Places to Build a Log Home
We believe we've unearthed some of the nation's most desirable locales, covering everything from an outdoorsman's paradise to a...
Energy Boost: Renewable Energy Sources for Your Log Home
What scares homeowners most about renewable energy systems is the upfront cost. But once the sticker shock subsides and they lo...
log home living magazine
The Cost of Handcrafting
Handcrafted log homes are one-of-a-kind, but you pay a price for that uniqueness. Before you break ground, make sure your budge...

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