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Plan Your Log Home

Planning a log home or log cabin involves more than just the floor plan; here you'll find expert advice on everything you need to get started, including budgeting, buying land, geographic regions, choosing logs, and more.

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Get in the Zone | What Is Zone Heating?
Many timber-home owners are warming up to the idea of zone heating, a new method that can save you a bundle on your energy bills.
Avoid These Homeowners' Building Mistakes
Avoid These Homeowners' Building Mistakes
We asked new homeowners to share their insight about what they did right and why they did wrong during their log home construct...
log home living magazine
Raising the Dead | How To Use Your Home's Dead Space
Every home has space—under stairs, in lofts—that's tough to use. It's better known as dead space, and we show you how to bring ...
7 Steps to Planning Your Log Home
7 Steps to Planning Your Log Home
The best-laid log home plans are those that follow these 7 steps.
Finding the Right Site for Your Log Home
When you're selecting land for your log home, remember the old real estate adage — location, location, location.
Mastering Your Log Home Plan
Mastering Your Log Home Plan
Our design expert helps you with the essentials of planning your new home—one big decision at a time.
log home living magazine
Do-Over: What Log Home Owners Would Change
You've seen their homes in our magazine—and, yes, the places are perfect. But what would these home owners do differently if gi...
Pro-Tips for a Perfect Floor Plan
Pro-Tips for a Perfect Floor Plan
Planning pro Allen Halcomb has some secrets to share about your log home design. Planning can be fun and functional if you keep...
log home living magazine
10 Tips for Floor Plan Perfection
Log home experts share their design advice for a log home you can truly live with.
log home living magazine
Long-Distance Home Building Guide | 5 Tips for Building Remotely
Not building in your own back yard? Use our long-distance building survival tips.
Parkitecture | Historic Lodge-Inspired Design
Historic National Park Service lodges influence the design of today's log homes.
Rugged by Design: Building in Remote Locations | Log home on grass field near mountain
Rugged by Design: Building in Remote Locations
So, you want to live far from the maddening crowd? Extreme home settings are hotter than ever, but they involve careful planning.
log home living magazine
Going U.P. | Living on Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Munising, Michigan, offers coastal living in the heart of the Midwest.
A Different Approach: How to Rent Your Vacation Home
Looking for a way to afford that log vacation home and make money on the side? The answer may be just a renter away.
log home living magazine
Design by Location | Site-Specific Log Home Design
How to design a log home that suites your intended location.
log home living magazine
How To: Prepare To Build Your Log Home | Tips for Preparing for Home Construction
10 questions to ask before building your dream log home.
Log Home Floor Plan Basics: Ten Tips
Your floor plan is the roadmap to your new home, and you're in the driver's seat. Get ready to start the engine with these tips.
Creating a Budget-Friendly Construction Schedule

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