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Pest Control

Carpenter bees, raccoons, bats, wasps, ants-- how do you combat nature's most pesky and destructive pests? Log Home Living takes a look at the number of ways to control pests in and around your log home or cabin.

Dealing with Deer in Your Yard
Dealing with Deer and Other Critters
They’re wonderful to watch, but if you’re not careful, they can be tough on your turf.
hornet nest
How to Get Rid of Wasps
Having a problem with wasps buzzing around your yard or deck? With just a little know-how, wasps can be safely and easily elimi...
how to get rid of raccoons
How to Get Rid of Raccoons
Don't let raccoons run amok on your property. Use these five tips to keep raccoons out of your garbage–and your home.
Garden Pests: Cabbage With Pest Damage
Natural Strategies for Dealing with Garden Pests
Try these non-toxic methods to stop nature’s critters from enjoying your garden before you can. From slugs to deer, here are so...
How to Keep Bugs Away from Your Logs
Using Borate to Protect Logs from Bugs & Fungi
Pre-treating your log home's wood with a non-corrosive borate-based solution is an effective way to deter termites, beetles, ca...
Attract Birds That Won't Damage a Log Home
Attract Birds That Won't Damage a Log Home
Attract more feathered friends to your property, without putting your log home at risk.
Warding Off Log Home Pests
To you, your log walls look like home. But to carpenter ants, termites and powder-post beetles, they resemble something more ak...
Carpenter Bees
How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees
These pests can wreak havoc on a wood home, but you can prevent or get rid of carpenter bees once and for all if you take these...
Precautions for Living in Bear Country
If you choose to build your log home in bear country, here are some simple precautions you can take to reduce the chances you’l...
keeping bears away
4 Easy Ways to Bear-Proof Your Log Home
How can you live in harmony with bears? Here are 4 easy tips for keeping your log home bear-proof.
Stacked Logs for Wood Species 2
8 Natural Enemies of Log Homes
Sun, wind, water and creatures can all be destructive to your log home. From excessive sunshine to persistent carpenter bees, h...

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