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Before breaking ground on your own log home project, check out our log home building tips, put together to offer expert advice on hiring professionals, choosing materials and navigating the construction process.

Exploring the Advantages of Engineered Timbers For Your Log Home
Engineered timbers offer log home buyers another wood option.
Chinking 10
That “white stuff” between the logs plays a much larger role than helping to identify a log home from the pack. The key to its su…
Pro Tips for a More Resilient Log Home
Log and timber homes are strong by their very nature. Here’s how to make them even stronger.
What Is Log Grading, and Why Should You Care?
Does Log Size Affect House Size?
Outdoor Design to Protect Your Home in Natural Disasters
You can’t prevent extreme weather and natural threats, but with strategic design, you can protect your log home from them.
The Lowdown on Hybrids
The Lowdown on Hybrids
Most likely you are going to build a hybrid log or timber home.
Wiring and Ductwork
Log Home Journey: Getting a Log Home Wired for Electricity
With the shell enclosed and the home weather tight, the next step in the construction of Gary and Becky’s log home is to power it…
Are Smart Home Systems Safe?
Voice-activated home systems are a tempting and fairly affordable luxury. But is smart-home tech a smart choice if you value priv…
How to Expand + Renovate a Log Home
How to Expand + Renovate a Log Home
Sometimes, you need a change of plans... floor plans that is. Find out all you need to know about expanding a renovating your log…
7 Types of Popular Log Home Wood
Check out these 7 popular log home wood species to build the right home for you and your family.
The Best Eco-Friendly Lights for Your Log Home
Lighting takes up a large part of your homes energy. Make it efficient to save money and the environment.
The Importance of Log Strength for Your Home
Learn about the importance of a strong log so you pick the best wood for your home.
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Thru Bolt Basics for Log Homes
Log home manufacturers may use the term “thru bolt." For the log home manufacturers that do use them, you may wonder what it is &…
Value Propositions: Stone Masonry
When you’re building a new home, there are so many items to select, you will literally make hundreds of decisions as you go throu…
Point of Entry: Doors and Windows for Timber Homes
The right windows and doors will go a long way toward boosting your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.
A Guide to Selecting Reclaimed Wood Flooring
Reclaimed wood is a durable and unique material to use for wood flooring in your log home. Here's what to look for.
log home living magazine
What Are Energy-Efficient Glass Coatings for Windows?
Learn about glass with energy-efficient coatings for windows that can both insulate the room and block out the sun.

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