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Because wood absorbs light so well, log home lighting is frequently more critical than the lighting in stick-built homes, but a strategic plan can also yield greater comfort. Find inspiration for your log home interior with these tips on lighting styles.

How to Light Up Your Log Home
When it comes to illuminating your log home, the formula is as easy as 1-2-3.
Our Top Tips for Adding Exterior Lighting to Log Homes
Strategically placed lights can enhance your landscape’s features and increase your home’s safety and security.
Lighting Finds for All Log Home Styles
The right light fixtures can add megawatts of personality to a log home. From table lamps to chandeliers to outdoor lighting, let…
Light Up Your Backyard With These DIY Outdoor Chandeliers
Follow our guide for this repurposed DIY masterpiece, and you'll have a charming outdoor light fixture that will give you a great…
The Best Eco-Friendly Lights for Your Log Home
Lighting takes up a large part of your homes energy. Make it efficient to save money and the environment.
Interior Lighting: The Importance of Light Temperature in a Log Home
Light temperature in your log home is an important factor to consider during the construction process because of the color of the lights. Learn about a softer, yellow light option or a brighter, white light.
15 Outside Lights For Your Log Home
Elevate your log home outside lights with these fifteen varieties that will transform your backyard into a welcoming retreat.
3 Ways to Light a Log Home
We share three bright ideas to properly illuminate your log home.
Why You Should Switch to LED Lighting
According to electronics manufacturer GE, there are a number of reasons to ditch incandescent, halogen and even CFLs in favor of LED lighting. Here are five key points that could impact your decisions for your log home.
6 Stylish Lights For the Log Home
When it comes to illuminating your log home's spaces, let us shine a little light on the subject. these 6 stylish lights for the log home are perfect for your space.
Lighting Up Your Log Home
Don’t stay in the dark. When it comes to building a light-filled log home, the future is bright.
Decorating With an Antler Chandelier
This rustic accessory is a natural fit for a log home.
Log Home Exterior Lighting
As fundamental as light is inside, log home lighting is just as vital outside.
Log Home Lighting Tips
Expert tips for mastering log home lighting.
4 Tips to Good Outdoor Lighting
Brighten your outdoor areas with stylish yet practical lighting options.
Lighting With Lanterns
Lanterns offer a variety of styles for lighting and decorating your log home.
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Log Home Lighting Ideas | Room-by-Room Lighting Guide for Log Homes
To light different rooms in your home effectively, try these approaches for well-lit log homes.
Practical Lighting Tips for Log Homes
Keep your home well-lit with these practical lighting ideas for log homes.

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