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Here you'll find expert advice and inspiration for your log home's exterior spaces, including landscaping tips for yards & gardens, water conservation techniques, hardscaping, wildfire protection and more.

How to Start a Truly Organic Garden
Why to consider growing organic, and where to begin.
The Essential Homesteader's Garden
Prep, grow, can, eat: Plant now for feasts throughout the year.
Blooms to Beat the Winter Blues
When the ground is blanketed in white, keep the color going year-round with plants that pop.
Must-Have Tips for Building a Log Home on the Water
You’ll spend your time enjoying the views from your waterfront log home — not worrying about maintenance — when you follow these …
How to Safeguard Your Shoreline When Building a Waterfront Log Home
Save your “blank slates” for art and interior design projects. When it comes to landscaping a waterfront log home, starting from …
Five Easy Ways to Hardscape a Log Home
No good landscape job is complete without some hard, non-living materials to provide contrast. Even simple boulders can make natu…
Modern Masterpiece Exterior Landscaping
How to Know Your Soil Type & What to Plant in It
Before you head to the nursery this weekend, know your soil types and what grows best in them.
The Best Time to Prune Trees and Shrubs
Knowing when and how to prune trees and shrubs can be a mystery for the weekend gardener. Follow these tips to a happier, healthi…
5 Ways to Add Water Conservation to Your Home
Focusing on your log home landscape’s water conservation strategies saves time, money and the environment.
The Best Types of Fences for Your Cabin
All hail the mighty fence. Before you buy, consider its purpose and timeless style.
6 Must-Have Tips for Log Home Landscaping
Just a few extra elements will turn an ordinary patch of grass into an exceptional backyard retreat.
5 Tips to Hardscaping Your Property
Working with your property's natural features can make hardscape strategies more appealing and affordable.
How to Add Groundcover to Your Log Home Yard
There are plenty of advantages (and one potential drawback) to using groundcover on your log home property.
Edible Landscaping at Your Log Home
Planning a lush, natural setting for your log home? Edible options let you have your landscape and eat it too!
Made in the Shade with Trees
Strategically selected trees provide beauty and long-term protection for your log home.
Water Conservation Landscaping for a Beautiful Yard
You can conserve water AND have beautiful landscaping — plus save your cash for other projects. Check out our water conservation …
Building a Pond at Your Log Home
Incorporating a water feature like a pond at your log home can add tranquility, life and value.
How to Plan a Driveway for Your Log Home
Your driveway is literally your road to log home dream fulfillment. Ensure you’re on solid ground during construction and beyond.

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