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The hub of the home, the log home kitchen has evolved from a strictly utilitarian space into a room that's designed for prepping, cooking, conversing and entertaining. To create a kitchen that satisfies these needs, carefully consider your design and layout during the planning stages. Our photo gallery of log home kitchens will help you get started.

9 Creative Log Home Kitchens
If your imagination can cook it up, there are no limits to what a log home kitchen can be. From small and quaint to grand gourmet, let these sizzling spaces inspire you.
7 Log Home Kitchens Perfect for Thanksgiving
These 7 log home kitchens will inspire you to make a beautiful Thanksgiving feast for friends and family this year and keep the entertaining vibe going for years to come.
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Favorite Spaces: Kitchens and Baths
Log home kitchens and baths afford unlimited opportunities to be imaginative and let your creativity come through - get inspired …
3 Log Home Kitchen Styles
A log home’s kitchen is limited only by your imagination. It can be highly elegant, exude rustic charm or anything in between. But the best log home kitchens let your personality shine through. Get inspired with these three unique takes:
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7 Irresistible Log House Kitchens
Grand galleys! We find these seven log house kitchens simply irresistible.
6 Inspirational Log Home Kitchens
Who's hungry? Here's a taste of some beautiful log home kitchens — click the images below for a tour of the rest of each house!
7 key kitchen-design considerations
Experts list seven thoughts that may affect your log home kitchen planning.
6 Steps to Planning the Ultimate Kitchen
Bigger is better in today's kitchen, including ... well darn near anything.
Log Home Kitchen Design Tips
Here is an article full of log home kitchen design tips for kitchens designed and planned with entertaining guests in mind.
The New Kitchen | Trends in Kitchen Design
What's cooking in today's kitchen design? Plenty. The culinary center of the home is taking a new—and very social—role.
The Living Kitchen | Practical Kitchen Design Tips
Essentials for kitchens that reflect how we really live.
The Buyer's Guide to Cabinetry | Storage for Log Homes
Everything you need to know to find the perfect storage spaces for your kitchen (and baths, too).
Kitchen Layout Options for Log Homes
Designing a kitchen that fits you perfectly.
Charming + Chic Log and Timber Frame Kitchens
Without a doubt, the kitchen is the hub of any home. From timeless antique to farmhouse chic, feast your eyes on our readers' favorite log and timber home kitchens.
The "Luxe Log Home" That Breaks the Mold
"Luxe Log Homes," a new design line by modular log home manufacturer Blue Ridge Log Cabins, boasts a distinctively modern West Coast vibe.

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