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Great Places to Live

Where do you want to build your log home? Figuring out your ideal location is a big decision you need to make during the early planning phase, and this section shows off some of the hottest places to own a log home.

10 Dreamy Waterfront Locales, Perfect for Log Homes
Build your log or timber home in one of our favorite spots and plan for nothing but smooth sailing ahead.
One Expert's Advice for Moving to the Country
One Expert's Advice for Moving to the Country
A log-and-timber industry insider shares his observations (and advice) about the growing urge to leave big cities behind in pursu…
Four Log Homes Designed for Different Climates
Log homes are designed to take the worst Mother Nature can throw at them — and do it with beauty and grace.
Log Home Road Trip: Minnesota
If you’re searching for inspiration for your own log home, a tour around The North Star State may be in order — and we have some …
Log Home Road Trip: Georgia
See why the Peach State is so ripe with log home possibilities!
The Best Places to Dine and Shop in Colorado
The Best Places to Dine and Shop in Colorado
Check out these favorite food and shopping hot spots the next time you are in the great state of Colorado.
golden eagle log and timber homes
Log Home Road Trip to Wisconsin: Log Home Companies
Check out these awesome Wisconsin log home companies to help you build your dream place.
Log Home Road Trip to Wisconsin: Stay and Play
While you're on your road trip, don't stay in any hotel. Make your stay memorable!
Log Home Road Trip to Wisconsin: Dine and Shop
Find the best places to dine and stop in Wisconsin on our log home road trip.
Log Home Road Trip to Wisconsin: Attractions and Adventures
When someone mentions Wisconsin, three things immediately come to mind: Great Lakes, great football and great dairy products. But America’s Dairyland has so much more to offer than cheese curds and “Cheese Heads.”
Visit a Log Bed-And-Breakfast in St.Louis
A log bed-and-breakfast welcomes visitors to the heart of St. Louis, Missouri.
Happy Log Day
Celebrate Log Cabin Day in Michigan
Michigan celebrates its cabin heritage.
Hidden Charms: 6 Counties to Build Your Log Home
These 6 often-overlooked places are the perfect areas to build your log home.
How to Buy Country Land for a Log Home
When you find the perfect land for your log home, know how much to pay.
4 Pennsylvania Log Cabin Resorts
Need a place to stay in Pennsylvania? Here are 4 cabin resorts perfect for log home enthusiasts.
3 Log Home Companies in Pennsylvania
Looking to build a log home in Pennsylvania? Here are 3 great log home companies to check out.
The Best Places to Dine and Shop in Pennsylvania
On your next road trip, grab a bite at one of these classic Pennsylvania eateries.
7 Pennsylvania Attractions and Adventures to Check Out
The next time you find yourself in the Keystone State, make a stop to one of these amazing attractions.

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