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Energy Efficiency

The energy efficient log home requires careful design to minimize air infiltration, control moisture and incorporate passive solar features. Here, we share tips and expert information for designing a log home that lives and performs well.

Easy Ways to Go Green
Looking to save energy and money at the same time? Implement these quick tips for a greener, easier home.
How to Stay Energy Efficient Amid Chillingly High Heating Costs This Winter
The average cost of home heating is expected to increase by 17.2% since last winter, according to the National Energy Assistance …
Our Top Tips for Energy Independence
There are a lot of really good reasons to go off the grid. Just be sure you have the right approach.
Where Your Energy-Consumption Dollars Go
Plus, how to save both energy and money.
Is a Tankless Water Heater Right for You?
3 Ways to Go Green
Want to save energy and money? This sage advice will get you started.
Five Reasons Solid Wood Homes Make Sense
Here are five reasons why a full log home is a smart decision and not just a pretty face.
Designing the Ultimate Energy-Efficient Floor Plan
See how these homeowners customized a floor plan to make their log home LEED to a T.
Enertia Home Self-Heating House
The Building Method That Results in Self-Heating Homes
Enertia’s Building System uses solid wood walls to replace siding, framing, insulation and paneling. The air flow creates a minia…
Solar Panel Roof Shingles 3-in-1 Roof
These Panels Combine Sustainable Energy With Curb Appeal
3 IN 1 ROOF offers a dual solution for anyone hesitant to purchase solar panels: They won’t stand out on your roof, and they won’…
Small Lakeside Log Cabin
What Options Do I Have for Heating a Tiny Log Cabin?
A reader writes in with concerns about their new liquid-propane heater.
Saying Hi to Hybrid Homes
Learn about the advantages of hybrid log homes.
Katahdin Guide to Building_701_2018-07-11_10-42
Taking a Green Approach to Your Log Home Design
A how-to guide on how you can lower your expenditures, reduce your impact on the environment and more.
Katahdin 6 Keys_701_2018-07-11_09-31
Seal Your Log Home
We’ve pulled together a rundown of the sealant products you might hear about and plan to use when building your log home.
Katahdin Solving the Energy Riddle_701_2018-07-11_12-46
Be an Eco-Hero: Go Green
We’ve pulled four tips to having an efficient, environmentally responsible log home.
Should You Install Radiant In-Floor Heat?
If you think radiant in-floor heat is the best option for your log home, planning for it early on is essential.
7 Surprising Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bill
We all know you should always turn the lights off when you leave a room … or should you? Read on for unexpected tricks to cut dow…
3 Ways to Conserve Water and Lower Your Bill
The average American uses 25,300 gallons of water each year. Reducing your water usage will not only lower your monthly bill, it’…

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