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Dining Room Designs

Find inspiration for log home dining room with these design tips.

We Love This Farm Fantastic Dining Space
Farmhouse style is still sizzling hot, and this sunroom/casual dining area is an ideal place to serve it up.
The Return of Dedicated Dining Rooms
Whether pandemic induced or simply thanks to a desire to reinstate family dinners, the dedicated dining room is making a comeback.
Why You Should Add a Booth to Your Log Home Kitchen
Booths are a great way to maximize seating and brighten your decor. Learn why you should consider putting a booth in your home.
5 Delightful Log Home Dining Rooms
Meals just seem to taste better when they are served in a beautiful setting--like the dining room of your log home. From cozy to dramatic, here are five of our favorite log home dining rooms.
Designing a Beautiful Log Home Dining Space
A log home dining space won’t necessarily improve your cooking, but it will make meals more satisfying. It’s as if wood whets app…
11 Ways to Create the Perfect Dining Area
How to design an appetizing dining area.

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