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Buying Land

Every log home — particularly those in rural areas — begins with the perfect piece of property it sits on. Learn how to find and buy your own slice of paradise with our expert information and tips for purchasing land.

Working With Uncharted Territory
Unspoiled, undeveloped land is prime log and timber real estate, but there are a few unfamiliar factors to consider as you prepare it for construction.
What Is a Survey, and Do I Need One?
We break down the vital role this process plays in your future home.
Pitch Perfect: How to Get the Design for a Sloped Lot Just Right
Designing for a sloped lot has its ups and downs, but with creativity and proper planning, you can call a mountainside site home.
10 Dreamy Waterfront Locales, Perfect for Log Homes
Build your log or timber home in one of our favorite spots and plan for nothing but smooth sailing ahead.
One Expert's Advice for Moving to the Country
One Expert's Advice for Moving to the Country
A log-and-timber industry insider shares his observations (and advice) about the growing urge to leave big cities behind in pursu…
Q+A: Is Southern Orientation Ever a Bad Idea?
Four Log Homes Designed for Different Climates
Log homes are designed to take the worst Mother Nature can throw at them — and do it with beauty and grace.
What You Need to Know About Property Easements
When you own a piece of property, are you the only one who has the right to access it? We take a look at the world of property ea…
Must-Have Tips for Building a Log Home on the Water
You’ll spend your time enjoying the views from your waterfront log home — not worrying about maintenance — when you follow these …
How to Safeguard Your Shoreline When Building a Waterfront Log Home
Save your “blank slates” for art and interior design projects. When it comes to landscaping a waterfront log home, starting from …
Remote, Mountain Building Site
What You Need to Know About Remote Building Sites
Choosing a remote building site has its host of rewards, but it also poses some challenges. If getting away from it all is what y…
Building on a Sloped Site
Sloped Sites Vs. Flat Lots: Which Is Right For You?
Are you looking for a Rocky Mountain high or a little house on the prairie? Steep pitches and flatlands are the two ends of the p…
5 Log Home-Themed Attractions in Colorado
The next time you find yourself in Colorado, make sure to visit these 5 log home attractions.
How to Pick the Perfect Piece of Land
Looking for the perfect plot for your log home? These 5 tips will help make buying land easier than ever.
How to Buy Country Land for a Log Home
When you find the perfect land for your log home, know how much to pay.
Choosing a House Site: How to Pick the Best Possible Spot to Build
How to evaluate your land’s potential for building a log home.
QUIZ: Where Should You Build Your Log Home?
Take our quiz to figure out what region to build your dream log home.
Why Cheap Land Doesn't Mean An Inexpensive Build
There are reasons why the land might be cheap. Build your dream log home smart with more tips

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