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Building Tips

Before breaking ground on your own log home project, check out our log home building tips, put together to offer expert advice on hiring professionals, choosing materials and navigating the construction process.

How Do I Find the Best Builder Deal?
A builder’s time and expertise is valuable, but you also need a price you can work with. These fee-structure options can bring balance to your budget and your build.
Benefits of Using a High-Quality Finish on a Log Home
Log Home Additions: What to Know
Here are a few important points to consider when planning a log home addition.
General Contractors, Dealers and Builders — Oh My!
Building on a Sloped Site
Sloped Sites Vs. Flat Lots: Which Is Right For You?
Are you looking for a Rocky Mountain high or a little house on the prairie? Steep pitches and flatlands are the two ends of the p…
Wiring and Ductwork
Log Home Journey: Getting a Log Home Wired for Electricity
With the shell enclosed and the home weather tight, the next step in the construction of Gary and Becky’s log home is to power it…
Tiny Antique Guest Log Cabin With Stone Chimney
What You Need to Know About Tiny Cabins
Going small–really small–has been a huge trend, but there's a big difference between having a "tiny house" and owning a solid, sm…
5 Things You're Afraid to Tell Your Builder
And why you shouldn't be.
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Taking a Green Approach to Your Log Home Design
A how-to guide on how you can lower your expenditures, reduce your impact on the environment and more.
How to Expand + Renovate a Log Home
How to Expand + Renovate a Log Home
Sometimes, you need a change of plans... floor plans that is. Find out all you need to know about expanding a renovating your log…
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Log Home Construction
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Log Home Construction
What to expect when it's finally time to stop planning and start building your log home.
How are Log Homes Sold?
You can find the log home provider that's right for you by understanding how each log home company has its own way of doing busin…
The Ultimate Log Home Wood Guide
Learn more about the ins and outs of wood species, their characteristics and what it takes to make them part of your log home.
Understanding Construction Loans
If you are like most people, you need to borrow money to build your dream home. Follow this basic guide to understanding construc…
Adding on to Your Log Home
5 Tips for a Smooth Log Home Addition
Expanding your current home could be the answer, and though a log home is a little tricky when it comes to additions, it’s totall…
3 Common Home Improvement Scams and How to Avoid Them
Know how to recognize the signs of scammers so you can pick the right contractor for the job.
Log Home Journey: Choosing The Right Log Home Builder
Hiring an experienced, professional builder is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the entire log home process. Our Log Home Journeyman shares his thoughts (and experience) on the matter.
What is a Structural Envelope and Why You Should Focus on It
Seal your home correctly to save money and energy with a structural envelope.

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