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As you begin the process of financing your log home, you will find that there are a few differences between log home construction and conventional building. From determining your budget to finding a lender and securing construction and mortgage loans, we cover everything you need to know in our log home budgeting and financing section.

Bar IV Log Homes Consulting
On-Demand Webinar: Should You Hire a Log Home Consultant?
Calm Your Fears, Protect Your Budget with a Log Home Consultant
How to Ensure Your Windows are Eco-Friendly
The windows in your log home likely frame one of your favorite features: the view. But they also can be top energy wasters. The air lost and gained through windows accounts for approximately 30 percent of your energy use.
Planning Your Dream Home with Log & Timber Home Living
Learn everything you need to know about planning your dream log and timber home.
Why Cheap Land Doesn't Mean An Inexpensive Build
There are reasons why the land might be cheap. Build your dream log home smart with more tips
23 Keys to an Affordable Home
Cut log home-building costs without sacrificing the overall value of your home with these secrets of affordable design.

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