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Bathroom Designs

As you get ready to plan your log home bathrooms, think about what works for your family, as well as potential guests. As you look through the various log home bathroom ideas in this section, keep your want and needs in mind.

Larger Primary Bathrooms on the Rise, According to Survey
This report is comprised of nearly 2,000 homeowners who are amid, are planning or recently completed a bathroom renovation.
Houzz Releases Their 2022 Bathroom Trends Study
They surveyed more than 2,500 homeowners on the platform who are planning, undergoing or finishing a bathroom remodel.
Steal a Few Ideas From This Spa-Like Bathroom
Daily stress melts away when you can retreat to a well-appointed, spa-like primary bath.
A Rustic Log Home Bathroom, Built for Relaxation
A Rustic Log Home Bathroom, Built for Relaxation
The perfect blend of wood and stone elevates the humble bathroom into a place of rustic relaxation. Here are a few smart ideas to…
5 Inspiring Log and Timber Frame Bathrooms
Our readers' five favorite log and timber bathrooms are overflowing with opulent amenities and practical design ideas. Let the be…
5 Spa-Worthy Design Ideas to Incorporate
Want to feel like you're on a permanent vacation? From swanky health-club-like-facilities to simple saunas, take your cues from these fabulous at-home spa spaces.
Log Home Bathroom Design Ideas
Looking for bathroom strategies that will hold water? From powders to primaries, these four foundations of good log home bathroom…
Log Home Primary Bathroom Design Tips
With proper planning, your primary bathroom’s design and function can be the source of some very “suite” dreams.
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Favorite Spaces: Kitchens and Baths
Log home kitchens and baths afford unlimited opportunities to be imaginative and let your creativity come through - get inspired …
6 Relaxing Log Home Bathrooms
Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a house - don't them get overlooked while doing your dream log home designing!
Log Home Bathroom Basics
Smart design is the starting block to a bathroom that will satisfy.
Best Bath Products for Log Homes
Top bathroom manufacturers unveiled new products to the industry at the KBIS 2010 show, ranging from updated color trends to easy-use technologies.
How to Choose Tile for Your Log Home
Expert advice for finding tile for your log home.
Shower Power
Here are some of the latest options in showers.
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How To Select Cabinets for Your Log Home
Find high-quality cabinetry for log homes at a low price with these cabinetry tips.
Designing the Perfect Bathroom, Choosing Proper Materials and Finishes
Our building pro offers 8 indispensable tips for designing the perfect bathroom, beginning with choosing the right materials and finishes.
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Baths with Splash | Designing a Relaxing Bathroom
6 ways you can indulge in a spa-like space without leaving the comfort of home.
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Baths for the Masses
They're the rooms in your home that everybody uses, so do some primary planning for your secondary baths with these expert tips.

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