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We know you have questions about the energy efficiency of log homes. We've asked industry experts, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes to help us with the answers.

Log homes are reliably energy efficient, but that achievement goes beyond the logs. Improvements in other building materials and developments in log home construction methods to bolster the energy efficiency of logs while retaining the home’s log look have improved home comfort and lowered heating costs.

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We'll archive all the questions on this page for easy reference and if you've got a question, please email Amanda at aphillips@aimmedia.com.

Energy Savings Employed by an On-Site Builder
What your builder should be checking for at every stage of construction to make sure that it is meeting or exceeding the code requirements.
Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing
For some people, a metal roof is a must to complete that classic log home style. As you're researching roof options, you'll no ...
Blower Door Test for Your Log Home
Conducting a blower door test can help find out just how energy efficient log homes are.
Importance of HERS Score for Your Log Home
Understanding the HERS Index is important for your home to achieve top energy efficiency.
Energy Savings Employed by a Log Home Supplier
Key methods for your log home's energy efficient requirements.
Sealing the Air Penetration Places Throughout Your Log Home
What you should know about sealing the air penetration places of your log home.
Moisture Content and Settling of Your Log Home
Many things can affect the quality and energy efficiency of your log home, moisture content is one of these things.
Hiring an Energy Rater For Your Log Home
There are a LOT of options when it comes to increasing energy efficiency of a log home. But how do you know which options will work best for you? Hiring an Energy Rater can help.
“Smart Home” Technology For Your Log Home
Home innovations that can monitor your energy usage to help you regulate your home’s heating, cooling and energy usage.
Land Positioning for Energy Efficiency
Properly siting your home to take advantage of passive solar gain is one of the easiest and smartest ways to accomplish energy efficiency.
Elements to Increase Efficiency In Your Log Home
There are two basic ways to give a log home’s energy performance a boost: through design and through materials.
Geothermal Systems for Log Homes
Geothermal (harnessing the natural warmth of subterranean soil) is one of the most intriguing renewable energy options available, but few people understand how it works or how fruitful the benefits can actually be. To help you decide if it’s right for you, let’s look at the basics.
Design Aspects For Energy Savings
Energy saving solutions for your log home.
Air Sealing Your Log Home
Why air sealing your log home against air infiltration is as important as insulating your home.
Solar Panels - Katahdin_701_2018-06-07_11-04
Solar Panels For Your Log Home
If your planned log home location is in a highly remote area where bringing electricity in could be expensive or if you just wa...
Radiant Heat For Your Log Home
Radiant heat for your log home is a great option for a several reasons. Efficiency, creating a better indoor environment and saves money in the long run are just a few to name.

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