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Advice from Builders

Get advice from some of the industry's top log home building experts.

Expert Advice: Managing Expectations While Building a Custom Home
Building a dream home in the real world may feel at odds at times, but a healthy attitude and practical approach will help you help your builder succeed.
What to Know About Hybrid Homes
Want a natural-yet-eclectic-yet-classic place to call home? Going hybrid just might be the answer.
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Expert Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions
When building a log home, it's only natural to have more than a few questions. Luckily, the experts at our Log & Timber Home Show…
Small Lakeside Log Cabin
What Options Do I Have for Heating a Tiny Log Cabin?
A reader writes in with concerns about their new liquid-propane heater.
Tiny Antique Guest Log Cabin With Stone Chimney
What You Need to Know About Tiny Cabins
Going small–really small–has been a huge trend, but there's a big difference between having a "tiny house" and owning a solid, sm…
4 Things You’re Afraid to Ask a Builder, But Should
It’s your right to know the answers to these “tough” questions. Don’t feel awkward about asking them.
5 Things You're Afraid to Tell Your Builder
And why you shouldn't be.
Log Home Floor Plan: Check Out This Ranch Hybrid
For his 5-acre site near a county park around Lake Wazeecha in Wisconsin, Zach Parmeter wanted a home that would fit in to the natural beauty of the surroundings and reflect his love of the outdoors.
Why Do Some Logs Have Cracks in Them?
Ever wonder why some logs have cracks in them while others don't? Find out how this happens and when you need to be concerned.
Framing Squares + Your Log Home: Why This Simple Tool Is a Construction Site Game-Changer
Framing squares are quick and easy ways to measure on the construction site. Learn more about this simple but powerful tool.
Why You Need a Detail Book During Log Home Construction
Something as simple as being organized in a three-ringed-binder can save you and your contractor headaches that you may face down the road.
The Importance of Taking Photos Of Your Log Home
Alex Charvat shares about the importance of taking photos of your log home construction site. This will help you later during the design process and protects you from any legal issues that could come up.
Building Your Dream Home with Log & Timber Home Living
Learn about the log home construction process and avoid the common pitfalls that occur during this phase.
Is a One-Level Log Home Cheaper Than Two Stories?
Find out if building your log home all on one level is cheaper than stacking stories.
Heart Wood vs Sap Wood: What Does It Mean?
What does heart wood and sap wood mean for your house?
What Does Early Wood and Late Wood Mean?
Learn about early wood and late wood so you pick the best type of log for your dream home.
The Importance of Log Strength for Your Home
Learn about the importance of a strong log so you pick the best wood for your home.
What's the Difference Between a Builder and a General Contractor?
Relationships, accountability and service lie at the heart of who you should hire to oversee the construction of your log home. S…

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