Log Home Journey: The Step-by-Step Story of a Family Log Home

Over the course of the next year, we’ll follow the Murphys, a family who had big log home dreams to own their own & are working to make it come true. Each issue we’ll follow their progress, learn from their missteps and cheer on their successes.


In the end, we’ll see how they went from raw land to their own slice of log home paradise. So c’mon in and be part of their log home journey.

1. What Log Home Dreams Are Made Of


There’s something warm and welcoming about wood, and building a log home represents the pinnacle of that experience. I expect I am preaching to the choir though, as you are reading Log Home Living. This magazine has been an extremely important tool to my wife and I as we traveled this road toward owning our own dream log home. We’re in the very early stages of building our home now and believe we might offer other prospective “dreamers” some insights into the whole process as it happens. [Continue reading here!]

2. Infinite Possibilities


With a blank slate in front of you, designing your own home can be both thrilling and overwhelming. Don’t be intimidated. How could a piece of white paper look so daunting? Unless you are a professional home designer, getting from blank paper to a final house design can feel like a very tall task, indeed. Looking back, my wife, Amanda, and I unwittingly, and a bit haphazardly, followed a solution-based process known as “Design Thinking” (Experience, Ideation and Prototyping) to reach our floor plan goals.  [Continue reading here!]

3. Money Matters


Sean Murphy shares the log home financial planning advice he wishes he’d paid attention to and offers some sound recommendations of his own. [Continue reading here!]

4. Breaking New Ground


The Murphys prep their New Jersey site as the logs are fabricated a thousand miles away in Montana. My wife, Amanda, and I looked at each other as the excavator plunged into the ground, pulling the first massive shovel of dirt from the spot that would become the foundation of the rest of our lives — the log house we would turn into a home. [Continue reading here!]

5. The Logs Are Going Up!

The logs have arrived, and as the Murphys watch their home take shape, they are introduced to a very special member of the construction team: their “Log Dog.” [Continue reading here!]

6. Sweat Equity

Sean and Amanda catch a glimpse of the finish line and decide it’s time to invest some of their own labor and talents to the construction of their New Jersey log home. [Continue reading here!]

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, and as the Murphys’ house inches closer to completion, they don’t miss a beat when it comes to outfitting their kitchen on a budget. (Continue reading here.)

The log home journey isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. And as Sean Murphy and his family discovered in the sacrifices of building a log home, perseverance and patience go a long way to crossing the finish line. (Continue reading here.)

The Murphy family has reached their destination! After years of planning and months of construction, they've finally moved into their dream hybrid log home. (Continue reading here.)

Stay tuned - the next addition to the Murphys' log home journey is in the next issue of Log Home Living!