Best Places to Build: #1 Wapiti, Wyoming

Waipiti, Wyoming, #1 on Log Home Living's List of Best Places to Build a Log Home.

#1 Wapiti, Wyoming - best place to build a log home
Why it’s hot: Rarely is the term “the middle of nowhere” better illustrated than in Wapiti. Squarely situated between the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park and Cody, Wyoming, this slice of the state is a giant photo opportunity—complete with towering pines and crystal-clear mountain streams. In an area where you’re more likely to see a bison than a person, and traffic jams are caused by a moose wandering close to the road, you’ll definitely encounter tranquility—and not much else.

Hundreds of hiking trails (some mapped and some improvisational) await locals and visitors, and proximity to the Shoshone National Forest (where 940 miles of trails wait to be hiked) means frequent encounters with deer, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, bears and dozens of smaller animals. Those without hiking boots can opt to tour the scenic countryside on horseback, and those who’d rather be fishing can try to lure rainbow, brook and brown trout; Yellowstone cutthroat; Mountain whitefish and more.

How they live: Aside from the hiking, fishing, and horseback tours, locals and visitors can delve in to an array of activities—whitewater and scenic river rafting, rock climbing, ice climbing, ice fishing, cross country skiing, mountain biking, wind surfing and snowmobiling, just to name a few. And if that’s not enough, Yellowstone National Park is only 30 miles east. To the west are the rodeos and museums of Cody, Wyoming.

Recent land sale prices: Expect a wide range of land prices, as proximity to amenities (running water, electricity) can spike the price dramatically. Recent listings include 20 acres for $150,000, 5.48 acres for $50,000, 1.8 acres for $80,000, 7.5 acres for $100,000, 65 acres for $400,000 and 18 acres for $115,000.

Closest metropolitan area: 234 miles (Casper, Wyoming)

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Wapiti, Wyoming - best place to build a log home
wapiti, wyoming - best place to build a log home
wapiti, wyoming - best place to build a log home
wapiti, wyoming - best place to build a log home
#1 Wapiti, Wyoming