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Reader Spotlight: An Antique Log Cabin in the Allegheny Mountains

Reader and historic log home enthusiast Mark Mygrant is the proud owner of an antique log cabin that has graced the grounds of not one but two locations in its lifetime.

Written by Griffin Suber
Mark Mygrant: My home is a 200-year-old cabin built in the 1820s in the Allegheny Mountains just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2006, a previous owner had it moved and reassembled to Center Hill Lake in Tennessee.

The view when you walk in the door is breathtaking. There’s an 8-by-15-foot window in the center of the cabin that overlooks the lake. It also has an amazing deck with rocking chairs built by local craftsman — the perfect place to watch the seasons change.
The appliances were modernized, but the decor — from the furniture to the dishes — we kept rustic. We added a dining room, which has a hand-carved American-elm table and benches that seat 16.
The original logs, dense American white oak, are in great shape, but a log restoration specialist helped us replace two that had rotted (a result of water damage) close to the foundation.
I love that somebody took an interest in saving this place and preserving it in its original form. My restored antique log cabin is everything I have ever wanted.

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