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7 Reasons People have Trusted Perma-Chink Systems for Almost 40 Years


What do Microsoft, Volvo, and Visa have in common? Their names are synonymous with innovation, safety, and trust. Add to that list, Perma-Chink Systems, Inc., because when it comes to protecting log and timber homes with innovative, safe, and trustworthy products, no name is more frequently called to mind.

What began in 1981 Inc. as a simple idea – replacing the rigid concrete-mortar sealant with a flexible chinking material that moves with a log home as it settled – revolutionized the entire log home industry.

Perma-Chink Systems is the log home building industry’s trusted partner for the tightest, greenest, and most impeccably finished log homes in the world. There are myriad reasons why log home professionals, and homeowners around the world count on Perma-Chink Systems for almost four decades – presented are the top seven:

  1.  Perma-Chink Systems forever changed log homes with the industry's first flexible chinking, replacing rigid concrete mortar or painted splines. With its revolutionary chinking material, Perma-Chink® provides a tight seal between log courses, making log homes warmer and more comfortable than ever before.
  2.  Perma-Chink Systems introduced the revolutionary sealant for milled log homes – Energy Seal™. There is nothing on the market that can beat Energy Seal’s natural appearing colors, ease of application and coverage.
  3.  Perma-Chink Systems Shell-Guard® borate treatment stops bugs in their tracks and keeps decay caused by moisture at bay. The best part? A one-time application is typically all it takes.
  4.  Perma-Chink Systems premium Lifeline Ultra-2™ exterior stain with the Lifeline Advance™ clear topcoat was the first in the Industry with a five-year warranty.
  5.  Lifeline™ stains and finishes have over 70 unique colors for exterior and interior that not only protect the wood for years, but also highlight its true beauty. Plus, the warranty gives you peace of mind.
  6. The company's complete line of wood cleaning and restoration products are designed not only to keep wood looking its absolute best, but also to extend its life. You can be sure that Perma-Chink’s cleaners will remove dirt, dust, and pollen, renewing the natural beauty of your log home.
  7. Perma-Chink Systems is dedicated to protecting the environment today and for generations to come. The Lifeline™ series of stains and sealants are considered “green” since clean-up requires only soap and water. It won’t inject toxins or pollutants into the surrounding air or earth. So, homeowners can breathe a little easier knowing they’re doing their eco-friendly best for the Earth and themselves.

 "Pretty much everybody in the industry has heard of Perma-Chink Systems." says president, Rich Dunstan of Perma-Chink Systems. He adds that the company solved the number one concern with log houses - air and water intrusion. Perma-Chink chinking and Energy Seal for milled log houses eliminated the drafts and damaging water intrusion associated with conventional cement mortar chinking. They are authentic in appearance, easy to apply, and essentially lasts forever while maintaining a tight seal between logs.

Next, Perma-Chink Systems solved the remaining maintenance issue. Nobody paints a log house and everyone wants a semi-transparent stain that lasts beyond 24 months. Perma-Chink took that problem head on and developed water borne semi-transparent stain that applied easily and will outlast any oil stain on the market. Then, went one step further and developed the Industry’s only Advance clear topcoat that enhanced the natural look of the stain while adding protection to the stain coat. Those developments changed a yearly ‘strip and stain’ problem to essentially a five year or more ‘clean up and touch up’ application of the clear topcoat.

Perma-Chink Systems take pride in developing cutting edge products, so they can say – “By the time you discover a challenge - we already have the solution”.

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