Waddington Log Homes

Waddington Log Homes specializes in log homes built using only the finest Western Larch, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar or Engelmann Spruce logs.

Company Details

Address: 289 Pilgrim Creek Road
City: Noxon
State: Montana
Zipcode: 59853

Waddington Log Homes

 At Waddington Log Homes our goal is to provide you with the highest quality log homes available.
Since a product is only as good as the materials it's made from, the first step in achieving quality "The Waddington Way" is log selection.
Whether we are building your home with Western Larch, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar or Engelmann Spruce, you can rest assured that we use only the finest logs available.
Each log is as unique as nature itself and is treated as an individual work of art, peeled clean by hand by a man with a beard (or maybe Jacob or Ethan), and joined to the log below with cunning work.
We offer log homes and cabins built in either full scribe or chink style methods, using naturally shaped full round and full length logs with an average diameter of 12 inches or greater. The compression saddle notch is used to keep the notch fitting tightly as the logs shrink and the house naturally settles.
When a log kit leaves our yard, all the log work and any "specialty work" specific to log crafting will be done. Anything left will be standard construction work any skilled contractor can do. All of the log work will be cut to accept any interior walls that will be framed in and openings will be cut to accept standard window and door jambs.
We encourage our customers to be careful in selecting a competent contractor in their area to finish out the kit. This will include having the foundation built as well as building the kitchen and bathrooms, installing cabinets and trim work, and applying the roofing material.
They will not have to use a chainsaw to complete any of the work—we've done all that for you. We will be happy to answer any log related questions your contractor may have and make sure he understands the job at hand.
​Waddington Log Homes would love to build you the log home of your dreams because we love building with logs. We strive to make each home we build exceed the previous one in workmanship and quality and that's why here in Northwest Montana, The Waddington Way is the Handcrafted Way.