wagon wheel furnitureHow To Shop for Wagon-Wheel Furniture
Make sure you’re getting a high-quality piece of wagon-wheel furniture with these tips for successful shopping.
by: Sara Brown | Log Home Design

wagon wheel chandelierAuthentic or replica? You’ll want to ask if a piece of furniture is made from an antique wagon wheel or a wheel that was constructed solely for furniture use. If it’s the latter, the wheel is probably sturdy, considering artists make the wheel to handle the weight and function of the specific piece of furniture. If it’s an authentic wheel though, you’ll need to ask about it’s age and where they got the wheel from, as well as check for cracks and warping.

Is the piece put together well? This question is particularly important when shopping for wagon-wheel chandeliers. Ask that the piece be lifted off the ground in order to make sure the chains that are holding the fixture together can handle the weight of the wood.

How are the pieces shipped? You’ll want to make sure the furniture is properly packaged. Also, check to see how you’ll be receiving the piece. If you’re ordering a table or other piece of furniture, you may be surprised to find the item in pieces when it arrives. Double check that the piece will be fully assembled beforehand.

What is your return policy? Of course, when you’re buying anything online, you’ll want to confirm that they’re return policy is acceptable for you.