Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks
Looking for some quick ideas to amp up the glamour in your home? Brian Schafer, president of Edgewood Log Structures, shares these tips for making your space feel like an oasis of luxury.

Luxurious Great Room
Tomahawk Log & Country Homes photo by Roger Wade

1. Tread on this. The simple use of log or slightly rounded timber treads in a conventionally framed staircase is a great way to provide that unique log look.

2. Walk this way. Gauged slate and stained/stamped concrete are great flooring alternatives.

3. Try log siding. Use full log walls in key areas where ends or tails show. Then use log siding in places where the siding can butt into another wall. (But remember: If you put log siding on both sides of a framed wall, you’re not saving any money over a full log wall.)

4. Go fewer, bigger, better. If you use fewer logs, you draw attention to them. Also, large logs and character logs add instant interest.

5. Stay in touch. Spend money on things you touch every day, such as door and window hardware, faucets and light switches. Each time you touch these details, it affects your overall perception of the quality of your home.

6. Maximize “dead space.” Use the open area under the stairs for interesting visual elements, such as a fly-tying desk. This illustrates thoughtful design and gives the perception of a larger space.

7. Go for built-ins. Lofts are the perfect place to add built-in, bunk-style beds. Kids and grandkids love that cozy feeling and the sense that it’s luxury just for them.

8. Turn it around. Simply turning a log at a 45-degree angle will add drama and interest. Do this with a ridge log at the center of the building; having it leave the building at one corner will create a unique corner prow-front gable.

9. Open it up. Open spaces are critical—combining the entry, living, kitchen and dining areas will give the illusion of larger space.

–Stacy Durr Albert

Read the original story in the May 2007 issue of Log Home Living