Wood to the Max

Logs and timber elements combine for a distinctive Ontario home.
Photos courtesy of 1867 Confederation Log & Timber Frame.

Americans sometimes forget that Canada also has a long log tradition. This Ontario home exemplifies the craft. It features eastern white pine logs, hewn 8-by-12-inches square, finished rough on the outsides and smooth inside, with tight fitting dovetail […]

Floor Plan Fundamentals

Good design and modest amenities can lower the cost of a log home.

A floor plan is the first step toward making your log home happen. It’s a two-dimensional picture that shows the relationships of rooms, their sizes and how they flow into each other. The best part about this very important phase of the design […]

7 Log & Timber Bedrooms of Your Dreams

From Wisconsin to Washington to North Carolina, these log & timber home bedrooms span the country and vary in both size and style. Think the bedrooms are beautiful but want to see more? Click the photos below to tour the interiors and to learn more about each log/timber home’s story!

1. Lakeside Living. A Wisconsin half-log home delivers full-log […]

5 Delightful Log & Timber Dining Rooms

Meals just seem to taste better when eaten in a beautiful dining room. Here are a few samples of some beautiful log & timber home dining rooms — click the images below for a tour of the rest of each house!

1. Big Sky Wonder. A Montana home showcases splendid scenery and a novel log look.

2. Change […]

The Best Towns to Build Log & Timber Homes

There are log and timber homes all across this country, but there are some towns where they seem to just fit in perfectly. Here are three examples of those towns! Click a photo below for more information on each town.

1. Bozeman, Montana

2. Berea, Kentucky

3. Davis, West Virginia

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5 Porches with Views You Won’t Believe

One of life’s greatest pleasures is relaxing outside on the porch in the warm morning light or a cool summer evening, enjoying views of the mountains, lake or rolling hills. Click on each photo below to take a tour of the house!

1. Big House on the Prairie. If there’s one thing these owners wanted to capture in […]

6 Inspirational Log Home Kitchens

Who’s hungry? Here’s a taste of some beautiful log home kitchens — click the images below for a tour of the rest of each house!

1. In this Montana log home, trusses and massive posts provide structural support and a grandiose atmosphere in the spacious kitchen. It features custom solid black walnut cabinets, Emperador marble countertops […]

5 Retreats That Couldn’t Get More Remote





Why Every Log-Home Company Doesn’t Sell Cedar Logs

If cedar has such good natural preservatives, why doesn’t every log-home company sell cedar logs?

A: You’ve indirectly answered your own question. Buyers often wonder whether there’s a best wood for logs. Well, if there were, it makes sense that every company would have to use it or else lose business to competitors who did. Truth […]

Georgia on the Mind

This Georgia log home creates an imposing profile.