Outdoor-Inspired Products

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living is as natural to log homes as the wood itself. Check out this gallery of great outdoor-inspired products for the naturalist in your life. (They make great holiday gifts, too!)

Mighty Moose
Let this wise and adventurous moose inspire you to take on the great outdoors. The limited-edition woodcut print, […]

Steal This Look: English Pub Meets Western Saloon

By Edie Mann

Your wish list may include a built-in bar, but you can achieve this English-pub-meets-Western-saloon look without the budget-crushing built-in. Anchor the space with a hefty pool table and rustic overhead light; add a wine cabinet made from reclaimed wood and bar stools with cowboy panache; top off with a miniature log cabin you […]

Log Home Bathroom Basics

Smart design is the starting block to a bathroom that will satisfy.
By Mercedes Hayes

I find bathrooms to be the most difficult rooms of the house to conceptualize. After all, with the exception of your kitchen, the bathroom has the most complicated plan and must withstand multiple functions and frequent use.
We’ve all read great articles and […]

A Riverside Dream Log Home in South Dakota

Building a South Dakota home turns into an adventure — with a happy ending.
Story and Photos by Joe Hilliard

When Dan and Beth decided to build their log home on the Missouri River, little did they know what this seemingly simple process held in store. They only knew that they had long wanted one.

When Beth was […]

Focus on Financing

All too often, we figure out how much we think we can budget for a mortgage and expect a lender to agree. Unfortunately, financing doesn’t work that way. To get an idea of how much a lender will approve for financing, multiply your annual income by 36 percent. Next, subtract the money you spend each […]

Protect Your Investment

Wood is strong and durable, but it isn’t invincible. Because wood is a natural material, it is subject to natural forces. The two greatest threats to wood’s beauty and longevity are moisture and sunlight. Although these two potent forces won’t by themselves significantly degrade the surface of your logs, they might set up conditions under […]

A New Point of View

The best of log construction and timber framing come together, creating a piece of art you can live in.
Story by Stacy Durr Albert
Photography by Joseph Hilliard

As an internationally acclaimed home designer, Allen Halcomb is certainly no stranger to unusual requests from his clients. But when Allen received a call from North Carolina property developer John […]

A Montana Log Home at Last

A Montana log retreat is the perfect forever home for a pair of former nomads.
Story by Stacy Durr Albert
Photos by Heidi Long

After moving from one city to another every few years, Tom and Judy Murphy were more than ready to put down some roots. Though their careers had taken them to urban areas from the […]

Understanding Log Home Kits

How to compare kits to get the best price quote for your logs.

Perhaps the most frustrating challenge facing log-home shoppers is comparing prices quoted by different companies. It seems that no two kits are alike. Each manufacturer has its own idea about what should be included in a log-home package. One’s standard item is the […]

Make Your Log Home Dream a Reality

Understanding the process can clear the path to log-home ownership.

Everyone that now lives in a log home has overcome two major obstacles: (1) the log-home buying process itself and (2) their budget. While the obstacles may seem obvious, methods of surmounting them may not.

If owning a log home were as easy as walking into a […]