Great Rooms

Make sure your great room is furnished and decorated right – check out these tips, tricks and product reviews for log home design.

Lakeside Living

A Wisconsin half-log home delivers full-log satisfaction.

Old is Gold

Buying a used log home doesn’t mean furnishing it from scratch.

Log Home Makeover Magic

A stylish update brings warmth to the great room of a 30-year-old Colorado log home.

Hearth to Hearth

Hot tips for designing a fabulous (and efficient) fireplace.

Game rooms now central to log homes

Designers are using wood accents to create the perfect look and feel in the entertainment area.

Making a statement: 6 keys to a truly great room

What tips do designers recommend when planning a great room?

Guide to Fireplace and Hearth Companies

Find a fireplace or hearth for your log home with one of these manufacturers.

Showpiece: The Leather Sofa

Great room furnishing solutions to create a cohesive, rustic look.

Design Tips for Great Rooms

Celebrating the majestic beauty of log homes while creating a place that feels homey.

Luxury for Less: Dress Up Your Log Home Without Breaking the Bank

Tips for dressing up your log home without breaking the bank. Our list of affordable ideas will have you on the road to extravagance in no time—with plenty of leftover money in your home budget .