To light different rooms in your home effectively, try these approaches for well-lit log homes.

For Your Log Home Bathroom:

Lighting in a Log Home Bathroom

Skip harsh overhead bar lights or fluorescents perched above your vanity mirror. They can cast unflattering shadows, giving you a twisted perception of how you look in natural lighting. Instead, opt for side sconces that will bring the light closer to the level of your face. And, for the best results, choose bulbs that simulate natural light.

For Your Log Home Dining Room:

Chandelier in a Log Home Dining Room

Consider a multitiered chandelier for more levels of light, says Certified Lighting Consultant Katie Sapp. Low branches will brighten the table; high branches will light the ceiling. Lighted display cabinets also add a nice glow to the room, she says.

For Your Log Home Kitchen:

Log Home Kitchen Lighting

Help your resident chef see more clearly by installing under-cabinet lighting that shines on countertops and track lighting or pendant lights that are aimed at islands. They shed task lighting on the workspace and keep shadows (which can lead to accidents) at bay.

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