Buying Real Estate: A Checklist ✓
Ask your realtor these questions before signing purchasing any piece of property.
by: Log Home Design editorial staff

You may know you want land, but you may not know what to ask when looking for it. That said, here are 7 questions to ask your real estate agent before taking the property plunge.
Utilities: ______
Are municipal hook-ups available for necessities like electricity, water, telephone, gas, sewer and cable?

Emergencies: ______
Who will help you in an emergency? A private security service, local authorities or a volunteer force? Is there a 24-hour medical facility nearby?

Roads/Bridges: ______
Do area roads get iced over in the winter? If it snows, who plows the roads? Do nearby bridges get washed out when it rains?

Covenants: ______
If you’re considering land that’s part of a planned community, are your building plans viable? For private land, will your plans pass local building codes?

Area Growth: ______
Is the land you’re considering in an area experiencing growing pains? How’s traffic? What’s the zoning situation?

Drainage: ______
Have there been any flooding problems near your lot? Are there rivers, hills or mountains nearby that could drain water onto your property?

Area Amenities: ______
Are there supermarkets and/or gas stations nearby where you can stock up on essentials?

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