Radiant Floor Company

Radiant Floor Company offers do it yourselfers and contractors a full line of factory assembled radiant heating packages.  Our system is straightforward, easy to understand, efficient, and effective.

We believe that most do it yourselfers are skilled, competent craftsmen. They may be inexperienced with radiant heat, but with the quality technical support we provide, a homeowner can install an efficient, high performance heating system.

We provide our customers with top grade components, factory built and tested manifolds, an easy to understand Installation Manual, and an installation package designed by Radiant Floor Company specifically for each application. We’re available in person 66 hours a week.

Pre-assembled plumbing packages designed specifically for the Takagi, on-demand water heater provide both space heating and domestic hot water.

Plumbing Package

Radiant Floor Company designed the “Radiant Ready” package for basic single zone radiant systems.  Pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and mounted on plywood for fast, easy installation.
Radiant Ready Package

Conventional flat plate (left) or state of the art evacuated tube (right) solar collectors compliment radiant heating systems in any climate. Solar Panel

Radiant Floor Company designed Durapoly XL PEX for flexibility, economy, and twice the heat output of standard 1/2″ PEX. Duraply XL PEX

The Takagi tankless water heater weighs only 65 pounds, mounts easily on the wall, eliminates stand-by heat loss, and offers 85% thermal efficiency. Tankless Water Heater

Radiant Floor Company
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