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From tips on staining and sealants, to restoration advice – here you will find everything you need to care for your log home.


Landscaping for Wildfire Protection

Knowledge and planning are the keys to saving your log home.

Choose Your Chinking

Caulking and chinking are among the final products that go into a log home. And they’re among the most important. They not only seal air leaks and keep out rain, they help protect the home […]

Fall Maintenance Checklist: Time to check your logs

Fall is a great time to take inventory of how well your logs (along with the rest of your home's shell) are doing. Here are 7 tips to get you started.

10 Log-Home Maintenance Myths

You’re probably aware of the concerns some people have about log-home maintenance. Some horror stories have been told about how homes quickly fell into disrepair and thousands of dollars were spent bringing the home back […]

Fall and spring roofing maintenance tips

So how’s your roof? You don’t know? Most of us don’t know what’s happening with our roofs because we never actually climb a ladder and look at them.

But that “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” approach can turn into […]

Caring For Your Log Home’s Wood

The thought of maintaining a log home may seem intimidating to some homeowners. But unless you are a self-proclaimed procrastinator, following these easy tips can put your mind at ease.

Along with today’s new preservatives and […]

Log Home Maintenance FAQs

Your log home maintenance FAQs answered by Log Home Living's own editor, Roland Sweet.

The Dirt on Green Cleaning Products

It’s odd to think that the very things we use (liberally) to clean our homes might actually be more harmful to us than the germs, bacteria and mold we’re trying to fight. Health problems — […]

Preparing Your Log Home for Spring | 7 Essential Tips

1. What are the top three maintenance duties I should tackle after a tough winter?

Three areas that require attention when winter fades are log walls, your HVAC system and gutters and downspouts. When spring arrives, […]

Log-Home Maintenance: A Checklist For Maintenance Made Easy

Keep your log home in excellent condition by following this maintenance checklist.