Can I design my own log home or should I hire a professional?

People who have no grasp of space and volume or who are contemplating building a large or complicated log home, usually hire a professional designer, specifically an architect. Many more people, however, find that they can create a workable layout, either by themselves or working with their log-home company. Most companies have in-house designers using computer programs and a catalog of standard plans, which they can modify to suit individual buyers.

Hiring an architect is not necessarily more expensive since these professionals know how to create designs that will accommodate your budget. They also provide services and assistance that go far beyond just producing blueprints.

What if I want to use a floor plan from one company but buy my logs from another company?
Copyright laws may be an issue if you simply copy a plan, unless you pay one company to design the home then take those plans to another company. This possibility is why most log-home companies charge for design services, then apply the design charge to the cost of a log package if the buyer stays with the same company. Also, although each company has its own set of standard plans, basic layouts vary little from company to company.