Deltec Homes has been supplying top-quality, unique, round homes to people nationwide since 1968. Single units start at 328 square feet and are available up to 2070 square feet, while any number of units may be connected laterally and up to three units high, allowing most any size requirement to be met. The interior of a Deltec Home is custom designed to suit each homeowners needs. The interior is open and spacious thanks to a trussed roof system and no interior load-bearing walls. Deltec Homes are energy efficient and can be engineered to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds as well as large snow loads and seismic disasters. As a leader in the innovative home market, Deltec Homes prides itself with superior panelized construction and complete homeowner satisfaction.



Deltec offers several garage styles to compliment your new home. Round, square or rectangular garages are quality built to accommodate 2 cars.



Over 1,000 square feet of living space is available in this functional yet beautiful plan. A large master bedroom and extensive decking compliment its style.




With nearly 2,400 square feet of living space, the Monterey gives any family a generous area to custom design. Windows take advantage of special views.



The traditional square wing attached to this Deltec is pleasing to the eye and functional in space. Custom design the interior to suit your needs.



This large 2 story Deltec incorporates a wing for added living space. Ideal for large families seeking a custom designed plan.