Cost-Saving Tips for Your Log Home

Take advantage of this section of articles dealing with how to save money during the log home planning, building, or buying process.

Money Saving Design Tips: A Builder’s Point of View

Your builder is a wealth of information. Tapping into his or her experience early on could save you thousands on design, materials and labor. Here’s how.

When taking on any log home construction project, a builder […]

Log Home Package/Kit Options

A la carte or all-inclusive — buying a log home starts with the parts of the log home package/kit.

The “package,” (sometimes referred to as the “kit”) is the starting point of log homes for obvious […]

Benefits of a Log Home Dealer

A builder/dealer may be your main link to your log home producer.

When the modern log home industry was starting in the 1970s, many manufacturers found that a successful way to reach new clients was to […]

How to Choose Your Log Home Producer

With hundreds of exceptional log home manufacturers and handcrafters out there, how do you choose? Here’s how to find the one that can make your log home just the way you want it.

Any major purchase […]

The Log Home Lending Landscape

If you’re applying for financing to build your log home, here’s what you can expect on the lending horizon.

Most log home buyers finance their purchase. The tax write-off alone makes getting a mortgage enticing even […]

Money Matters

Sean Murphy shares the log home financial planning advice he wishes he’d paid attention to and offers some sound recommendations of his own.

So you have your design, it lays out great on the land and […]

Infinite Possibilities

With a blank slate in front of you, designing your own home can be both thrilling and overwhelming. Don’t be intimidated.

How could a piece of white paper look so daunting? Unless you are a professional […]

Scott McGillivray’s Log Home Tips

This popular HGTV and DIY Channel host has a strategy to help you get the log home you’ve been longing for. Read on for Scott McGillivray’s log home tips.

If you’ve been contemplating taking the log home […]

Building a Log Home in Bad Weather

Old Man Winter is on the doorstep. Is it ok to start construction on your log home? Read on for our tips for building a log home in bad weather.
Photo courtesy of True North Log […]

Value Propositions: Log Home Roofing

When you’re building a new home, there are so many items to select, you will literally make hundreds of decisions as you go through the process – like your log home roofing.

Having a firm idea […]