Constructing a loftBuilding Notebook – Lofts

the Savvy Builder

by: Jim Cooper

Notes on lofts:


  • Make sure loft stairs rise in the same direction the roof slopes to ensure ample headroom.

  • Build a 3- or 4-foot high knee wall in the loft, which will be ideal for storage and create a surface for placing dressers and low furniture.

  • Design a gable or shed dormer for your loft area; either one will provide plenty of living space and only cost a couple thousand dollars extra.

  • Add a built-up floor system with a layer of sound-deadening drywall to help with noise reduction. Your builder also can add “sleepers” and a second subfloor.

  • Create a dropped ceiling beneath exposed pipes, or raise plumbing fixtures above the loft floor to conceal the waterworks for a loft bathroom.

  • Use ceiling fans to circulate the warm air that often collects in a loft. Also, consider mechanical skylights that can vent the loft while bringing in abundant light. exclusive web content

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