Taking a Closer Look at the Hybrid Home Trend

Custom Wood Homes magazine pictured and examined this example of a typically fabulous hybrid home.

Material Gain | Mixing Materials in Hybrid Homes

How hybrids can combine the best of all worlds.

Making Your Log Home Stain Last

If you get quality stain, and take care of it properly, your stain can last for many years.

Cleaning Logs Before Staining Them

You need to have your wood properly prepared before staining to ensure a long-lasting finish.

What Are Natural Element Log Homes?

You may hear about "natural element," "hybrid" or "mixed-materials" homes. Here's what that means.

How to Choose The Right Property For Your Log Home

Many factors determine the best place to build.

Companies who Build Log Homes | Log Home Companies

Companies who Build Log Homes | Log Home Companies

1867 Confederation Log Homes

Alpine Log Homes

Amber Gables Log Cabins

AmerLink & In The […]

How To Build an Old-School Log Cabin

Want a simple log cabin to call home? Follow this advice for building no-frills log homes.

3 Reasons to Stop Worrying and Start Building | Log Home Building Ideas

Take advantage of the current housing market by building your log home now.

HVAC Size Chart – Determine your heating and cooling needs

Use the following chart to gain a rough idea of the typical size of furnace and air conditioner needed for different-size homes.