Taking a Closer Look at the Hybrid Home Trend

Custom Wood Homes magazine pictured and examined this example of a typically fabulous hybrid home.

Material Gain | Mixing Materials in Hybrid Homes

How hybrids can combine the best of all worlds.

Companies who Build Log Homes | Log Home Companies

Companies who Build Log Homes | Log Home Companies

1867 Confederation Log Homes

Alpine Log Homes

Amber Gables Log Cabins

AmerLink & In The Woods

Andersen Log Homes Company

Appalachian Log Homes Inc.

Barna Log Homes

Battle Creek Log Homes

Bear Creek Log Homes Inc.

Beaver Mountain Log and Cedar Homes

Big Horn Mountain Log Homes

BK Cypress Log Homes

Blue Ridge Log Cabins

BPB Log Homes

Brentwood Log Homes

Bridger […]

3 Reasons to Stop Worrying and Start Building | Log Home Building Ideas

Take advantage of the current housing market by building your log home now.

HVAC Size Chart – Determine your heating and cooling needs

Use the following chart to gain a rough idea of the typical size of furnace and air conditioner needed for different-size homes.

Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association – Bonus Content

Learn the ins and outs of zone heating, fuel choices and hearth product efficiency.

Log Home Diary Entry #2: Building and Landscaping a Wisconsin Log Home

Log Home Diary: Entry # 2
Building and landscaping our dream log home.
by: Log Home Design | diary by: JoAnn Hennigan

Task at hand: Building and landscaping our new log home.
Timeframe: October 2005-March 2006

Log Home Diary Entry # 2
Once we cleared the minimal amount of land we needed for our new log home, we were ready to […]

Planning Our Log Home | Log Home Diary Entry #1 | Wisconsin Log Homes

Log Home Diary: Entry # 1
Planning and designing our dream log home
by: Log Home Design | diary by: JoAnn Hennigan

Task at hand: Find the perfect plot of land. Lay out designs for our new log home.
Timeframe: Winter-Summer 2005

Log Home Diary Entry # 1
A few years ago, friends of ours bought a 19th-century log cabin. Sure, […]

6 Tips for Adding a Loft to Your Log Home

Savvy Builder Jim Cooper lays out six ground rules for building lofts in log homes.

Fireplace Venting Options | Direct Vent

Direct Vent | Fireplace Venting Options
Follow these guidelines for choosing the best venting option for your fireplace.
by: Log Home Living editorial staff


How it works:

Draws combustion air from the outdoors and exhausts its combustion back into the outdoors, eliminating the need for a standard chimney system. Direct venting requires a glass panel to keep combustion sealed, […]