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Planning a Log Home

Building a log home requires a lot of pre-planning, from research to budgeting. Make sure you’re financially prepared for the building process, as well as knowledgeable on what goes into log cabin construction.

  1. 25secrets

    25 Secrets To Success: Part III

    New at this? Read this series to get yourself started

  2. North Carolina historical cabin. Photo: James Ray Spahn

    How to Customize a Small Cabin

    There are ways to accommodate a small log cabin without compromising design integrity.

  3. 1267350_log_cabin

    Regional log-home styles abound

    You’ll see a predominance of a certain style in your area of the country, but don’t limit your thinking to what you see locally.

  4. 1239669_house

    Size Matters: Choosing the Correct Square Footage

    Determine the size your log home by relying on lifestyle needs, budget, and strategic design.

  5. How to Modify a Stock Plan to Suit Your Needs and Budget

    You can take a company’s cheapest plans and tweak them efficiently and affordably

  6. 1328372_maze

    The first 6 steps to your log-home dream

    Follow this path and the experts say you’ll be off to a great start.

  7. 1382168_real_estate_concept

    Second Heaven: The Perfect Vacation Home

    You’ll enjoy your second or vacation home a lot more if you successfully plan on the front end.

  8. 1338126_brown_bear_4

    Living with bears … and living to tell about it

    Are they as afraid of you as you are of them?

  9. Living with Bears by Linda Masterson

    Don’t Invite Bears to Dinner

    Book helps you live in harmony with bears

  10. Universal design is more than one-level living

    When done correctly, universal design for the mobility-challenged can be invisible and effective

  11. Personal Carbon Emissions Calculator

    From the EPA’s website, EPA has developed tools to help individuals (and households) reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take action. Businesses and organizations interested in educating their employees and members about what they can do at home to help protect our climate can also use these tools. Use this online calculator to obtain an estimate […]

  12. How to deal with carpenter bees

    These loaners can wreak havoc on a wood home, but you can deal with them if you take these steps

  13. The 4-Step Process to Reading a Floor Plan

    It’s not just lines and numbers. You need to learn how to interpret how the picture will turn into your dream home.

  14. Design 101: 3 must-know design considerations

    You’ll get to the specifics later. First you need to consider these three factors to get started.

  15. 25secrets

    25 Secrets to Success: Part I

    Log Homes Illustrated compiles this list of tips from the experts to help you plan for your new log home

  16. Info Center Image 17915

    Closing down your cabin for the season

    Owning a vacation log home is, for most people, a dream come true. But now you have to sustain that dream, and that means protecting it even when you are not there. When vacation’s over, it’s time you close up for the season. So what should you do to ensure that when your family returns […]

  17. Cabins & Vacation Home Web Links

    GETTING STARTED Home of the Log Homes Council (an association of log-home manufacturers) Home of the International Log Builders’ Association (another association of log-home manufacturers) This search tool by allows users to create their own Top 10 places to live by first selecting one characteristic to rank cities by and then […]

  18. 25secrets

    25 Secrets To Success: Part II

    Log Homes Illustrated’s Annual Buyer’s Directory offer this helpful advice for starters

  19. Five Basic Loan-Program Questions

    Here are critical topics you need to cover when shopping for long-term mortgages

  20. 1182878_woman_writing_in_the_agenda

    Planning Makes Perfect: 7 Financial Strategies to Making Your Dream Home a Reality

    Here are 7 strategies that have been utilized by people who have successfully financed a log home

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